trauma healing groups

New Jersey-Based Trauma Healing Groups are now available.


“I just wanted to tell you that my sessions were a true blessing to my life.  We covered a lot of ground in the short time we had together. Others have also witnessed the change in my life.  I want to personally say thank you.”

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*Enroll in our upcoming Bible-Based Trauma Healing Group just for women. It’s designed for women who’ve experienced loss, grief, and deep regret over a severed relationship bond via separation, conflict, death, or abusive situation (physical, sexual/rape, verbal, mental/emotional).

The weekly groups will be held in Burlington County, New Jersey. Our curriculum comes from the American Bible Society. A small registration fee does apply. Sessions do not serve as traditional  “therapy” but helps women – age 18 and over – with “wounds of the heart” explore relevant biblical and mental health tools as they face the pain of their past in a safe and nurturing environment.

*Spring/Summer ’19 enrollment is currently closed.*

 Please fill out the form below if you would like more information about future groups forming soon. State your date of birth, phone number, reason for wanting to join, and the name of your town/city in the comments box.