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Your voice and story matter…

We provide safe spaces for women to address the matters of the heart in life + love through trauma healing support groups.


We primarily work with women in the New Jersey area who are looking for a faith-based approach to mental wellness in their relationship crisis.

We address the negative impact of wounds of the heart. Those served will work toward their pursuit of mental well-being as a:

  • spiritual necessity
  • a response to a loving God who cares about them
  • a choice to face the things that hurt them the most in order to heal.

Although we don’t function as traditional therapy, many find the Bible-based curriculum, sessions, and tools we use to be extremely insightful and readily applicable to their lives.

All facilitators are fully supported and Certified by the Trauma Healing Institute at the American Bible Society.

*Some of the relationship issues we address are untimely death, domestic abuse/violence, sexual abuse, separation/divorce, childhood abandonment, and unresolved conflict*


“The sessions were a true blessing to me. We covered a lot in the short time we were together. I was approached by someone and was told that they could see the change in my life. I want to personally say thank you. “

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