trauma healing groups

New Jersey-Based Trauma Healing Groups are now available.

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*Enroll in our upcoming Bible-Based Trauma Healing Group just for women. It’s designed for women who’ve experienced loss, grief, and deep regret over a severed relationship bond via separation, conflict, death, or abusive situation (physical, sexual/rape, verbal, mental/emotional).

The June ’19 sessions will be held in Burlington County, New Jersey. Our curriculum comes from the American Bible Society. The cost of this group is FREE with just a small registration fee applied to cover the cost of the materials. Sessions do not serve as traditional  “therapy” but helps women – age 18 and over – with “wounds of the heart” explore relevant biblical and mental health tools as they face the pain of their past in a safe and nurturing environment.


Please fill out the form below while stating your date of birth, reason for wanting to join, and the name of your town/city in the comments box.