what we do

Your voice and story matter…

We provide safe and accessible spaces for busy women to address the matters of the heart in life + love + leadership through support groups.


We primarily work with women who are looking for a Christian faith-based approach to mental wellness.

We address the impact of heart wounds experienced as a result of strained relationships and internal conflict. Those served will work toward their pursuit of mental wellbeing as a spiritual necessity and a response to a loving God who cares about them.

Although we don’t function as traditional therapy, many find the Bible-based curriculum, sessions, and tools we use to be extremely insightful and readily applicable to their lives.


“The sessions were a true blessing to me. We covered a lot in the short time we were together.  Someone approached me and told me they could see the change in my life. I want to personally say thank you. “

Group Facilitators are fully supported and certified by the Trauma Healing Institute at the American Bible Society.